Marina CostaBaja MapRates


Rates are based on vessel LOA or slip, whichever is greater.


Utilities - are metered.

Amenities Included - At slip pump out service, restrooms & showers, concierge services, beach, parking, shuttle to and from La Paz, internet.

Additional Amenities- Storage, laundry services, hotel services, boat maintenance services, provisioning, dry storage, launch ramp, Beach Club facilities.

Taxes - IVA and all applicable taxes are charged in addition to prevailing rates.

Deposits - Required 1 month rent deposit in month to month and greater leases, short term stays require prepaid slip rent at reservation.

Transient Slips - Subject to availability. Monthly prorate after 1 month stay

Live-Aboard - Permited under certain conditions. Please inquire under specific details.

Overhangs - Permitted to a maximum of 10% of the slip length. No vessel may overhang any portion of the docks.

Sublease Credit - A credit of up to 50% of the slip rent per month is available. Please inquire about specific details.